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Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Daniel Dias, Solutions Architecture & Presales Director

From my desk in Massachusetts, while he sat in the waiting room of a mechanic garage in Brazil, I got to chat with Daniel Dias – a person I am convinced has a smile permanently affixed to his face – about what he calls the “showtime” and his tireless (pun intended) passion for what he does at Digibee.

Why Digibee?


I'm starting to notice a pattern in the people I’ve met – Digibee has offered many incredible people a unique opportunity, at just the right moment –  when they were looking to be part of something special. After a 16 year career working in big corporations, Dani was itching for a change. He had already crossed professional paths with our co-founders Rodrigo Bernardinelli and Peter Kreslins. He reached out to a few select people he trusted, including Rodrigo, to explore opportunities, and was encouraged to learn more about Digibee. What Dani discovered was an amazing product, a solid business plan, an incredible vision, and the bonus of working for two people he already admired and respected. Two weeks later, he was employee number 23. 

Life at Digibee

Now, almost 4 years later, Dani’s knowledge of Digibee is invaluable. He’s done a little bit of everything from sales, to training, decision-making, strategy, solutions, and delivery. What he loves most about his work is what he calls “showtime.” To my disappointment, this does not include singing or dancing, but it still sounds like a fascinating approach. You can read more about it in Dani’s article, “It’s Showtime! What Makes a Presale Truly Enchanting.” Essentially, it is about creating an insightful, customized presentation that showcases Digibee’s exceptional product to a potential customer. He loves working with his team to design a solution and then getting in a room to demonstrate it. The moment he sees that connection and engagement with the product, that “people are smiling and nodding and can see the potential – that is the best thing.” Dani describes this as the “best professional moments in his career, both as a leader and as a team member. My team is always prepared to do that show.”

The challenge is getting in that room. We are building our reputation, but we are still considered newcomers to the integration space. But, Dani believes “our product is really the best you can find. We are a powerful company. When we are given the chance to show who we are, and what we can do, we almost always win.”

As a manager, Dani attributes his management skills to his parents: “the recipe from my parents was about being honest and respectful.” His dad valued work and taught him “if you have the opportunity to do a job, then you need to get up early, be a hard worker, and do everything the best you can.” Dani values his team, being a mentor, and tries to model these principles every day.


The Future Ahead

Digibee’s challenge is directly connected to the promising future ahead of us. The exciting thing is: we already have an incredibly compelling solution to a universal problem – we just need the opportunity to prove it. As one of our earliest team members, Dani has seen the validity of our business plan as we are becoming more and more relevant, stating “the company is growing. We had an idea and a plan. Everything that was in that plan, we are making happen.” This has fortified Dani’s belief that the company is heading for greatness and informs his work every day. He loves having the option to help, build, contribute, and keep doing bigger and bigger things than in his past career. At Digibee, he feels he “has the chance to be in a company that could become one of the most important, relevant tech companies in the world.” How inspiring is that?!

Balancing Work & Life at Digibee

For Dani, work-life and home-life have to be symbiotic. What’s best for his family (his wife and two boys, ages 11 and 15) is always paramount to his decision-making. At the time, joining a start-up was a risk, and it was essential that he had their support for the journey. But that only motivated Dani to work harder and “always do my best because it’s not just for me; it’s also for my family.” That drive pushes him forward every day, and Dani admits he’s never felt that with any other company he’s worked for. That risk has paid off with a job he absolutely loves, which of course, directly impacts his family for the better. 

But it’s not all work and no play. The weekends are filled with soccer, barbeques with family, and drinking cachaça (a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane that I obviously need to try)! Dani also loves to travel with his family, especially now that his kids are growing and becoming more independent. “We love being together. We celebrate that in our travels.” Dani and his wife love to expand their children’s experiences, not just seeing other countries, but learning about different cultures as well. 


Meeting these inspiring Digibees has been a highlight for me every week! Keep reading our employee series to learn more about this incredible team of people working to bring Digibee’s innovative enterprise integration solution forward in the US and globally.

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Your data, fully integrated, in under three weeks. Experience firsthand the power of Digibee, enabling complex integrations across critical systems quickly and securely. Sign up for a proof of concept using data you provide. Or we can take you through our interactive demo.

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