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Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Paula Arencibia, Customer Success Manager

Dog-lover, pickleball enthusiast, polyglot (fun word; worth a Google), nature-explorer, and ninja-warrior are just some of the ways to describe our Customer Success Manager, Paula Arencibia! I loved hearing about how this fascinating, multi-faceted individual spends her days at Digibee.


Why Digibee?

For Paula, the decision to join Digibee was due to the alignment of three things. First, the timing was right. She was looking for a new opportunity in her career. Second, the role was right. She had worked previously with our Chief Operations Officer, Marcelo Souccar and had full confidence and trust in his knowledge and leadership. She valued him as a mentor and loved the professional environment he created. The role sounded like a good fit, and she was enticed by the opportunity to try something new and to benefit from working with Marcelo again. Third, the culture was right. She was both excited about Digibee’s product and that the company’s values aligned with her own. She was eager to apply herself and contribute to Digibee’s expansion. Now, two years later, Paula is certain she made the right decision at the right moment and absolutely loves her job.

Life at Digibee

Something Paula values about her role, is also something she feels sets Digibee apart from other companies; we are so customer-focused. She values that Digibee isn’t just trying to make a sale, that decision-making is driven by helping the customer, improving their experiences, and solving their industry’s complex problems in an accessible way. Paula said, “I love that we are so customer-centered. We take care of our customers. We build relationships with them. We empower them. We are not just making a sale and then disappearing, we engage them in the power of the platform.” 

Of course, with every job, there are challenges. There is an educational component and process to leading a customer down the path to self-sufficiency. Paula is very focused on the continuous improvement of the onboarding process. Digibee is expanding globally, with presence in Brazil, the US and Latin America; each with different languages and different cultures. Paula, is a polyglot (did you look it up yet?) - she speaks English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Her mother always had the notion that learning English would be useful in Paula’s future life and career; she enrolled her in a program at age 11. It was very engaging, teaching English traditionally and through music, film, cooking classes, and field trips. Paula said that learning another language “unlocked a part of her brain” and from there, she continued to learn other languages as well. Of course, language is only one piece of communicating with others, you also have to understand culture and context. Paula grew up in Brazil, and now lives in Florida. She has studied international relations and cultures, and commented how, “that experience allows me to connect with those different cultures, and help my colleagues understand context as well. I can manage projects in all three regions.” She really loves being able to help in this way, bridging the gap between the regions. For someone like myself, who barely speaks one language well, I was amazed by Paula and instantly recognized what a valuable asset she is to Digibee.


The Future Ahead

Something I’ve discovered doing this interview series is that no matter how long a person has been at Digibee, there is a consistent thread of excitement about Digibee’s future. Paula has seen Digibee’s potential unfolding from the beginning, but she also values that the company garners insights from its people and customers to keep redefining and improving. “I've been able to see the growth. We are always putting better processes in place. We are establishing ourselves as a company, and investing in ourselves.” The best part, Paula says, is “the product is great” and she fully believes in its potential. Seeing Digibee’s willingness to keep evolving coupled with a superior product is really a recipe for success that Paula believes will lead to continuous growth in the US and globally. 

Balancing Work & Life at Digibee

Paula moved to Florida with her family before attending college and quickly embraced the “Floridian lifestyle.” She can often be found outdoors - camping, at the beach, running, training for spartan races and ninja-warrior, playing sports, and spending time with family and friends. She is also an animal-lover, especially dogs, and originally planned to be a veterinarian. She is currently the proud mom of a chihuahua-daschund mix. She lost me when she said she also “loves going to the gym,” but to each their own!

Paula-A-sunset-with-dog Paula-A-1st-place


I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to keep meeting the unique individuals like Paula that make up Digibee. Keep reading our employee highlights to learn more about this amazing team of people working to bring Digibee’s innovative enterprise integration solution forward in the US and globally.

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Your data, fully integrated, in under three weeks. Experience firsthand the power of Digibee, enabling complex integrations across critical systems quickly and securely. Sign up for a proof of concept using data you provide. Or we can take you through our interactive demo.

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