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Forrester Total Economic Impact Report for Digibee: How We Measure Up

Digibee has spent the past few years helping organizations connect the old with the new, allowing them to tap into important business innovations such as cloud migration, automation, and optimized customer experiences.


Although we’ve built positive, lasting relationships with our customers, we felt it was time for an honest appraisal on how well we’ve done, exploring and quantifying the value our customers derive from the Digibee enterprise integration as a service platform (iPaaS).

To ensure no bias in the responses gathered, we partnered with a neutral third party: Forrester. We gave the research and advisory company open access to our clients to collect feedback and analyze how we’ve done and how we’re doing. 

The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Digibee Report was just released and we’re thrilled to report that our customers are extremely satisfied with the value Digibee delivers!

“We view Digibee as a partner and not just a supplier. If we need something from the platform, we work with Digibee and they build it. They bring new ideas to us and help us construct our future.” 

IT Project Manager, Retail
(Excerpt from the Forrester TEI Report for Digibee)

The Process

Forrester followed its proprietary Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology to produce a detailed, insightful report that examines the key challenges and pain points our customers faced before Digibee came into the picture, versus the business efficiencies they leverage with Digibee today. 

For this sneak peek, we will examine several of the key challenges Forrester uncovered, as well as some of the top Digibee benefits based on feedback collected from our customers.

Key Challenges

We weren’t surprised to see IT backlogs and point-to-point integrations on the key challenges list. These are chronic pain points for our customers and a big motivation in their decision to implement Digibee.

IT Backlog: Projects not delivered on time

Without an enterprise iPaaS to offload repetitive, lower-value work, IT and developers become bogged down and projects take much longer to complete. IT backlog and technical debt–especially when integration projects involve large legacy systems–become a significant inhibitor to the business, blocking innovation and the company’s ability to enter new markets and grow. 

Point-to-Point Integrations: Complex and slow 

Prior to implementing Digibee technology, many of our customers relied on custom code, aka point-to-point integrations. Although this “connect point A to point B” strategy seems relatively straightforward, over time our customers paid a high price in downtime and maintenance. 

Key Results

Of course, our favorite part of the report is where our customers describe the benefits they achieve working with Digibee. Here are two of the key Digibee results our customers called out:

Integrations at Scale: Faster work with fewer resources

Sometimes fast is good and according to our customers, this is definitely the case with our technology. Helping resolve the IT backlog challenge, the Digibee enterprise iPaaS empowers developer and IT teams, removing lower value tasks and activities so they can focus on the most meaningful work. This model is especially helpful in the face of the global skills shortage, increasing productivity and efficiency without increasing the team. Essentially, our customers can do it all with less.

“There are additional tools in Digibee that help in development and production, like integrated metrics and integrated logs, that make it easy to troubleshoot within the same platform.” 

Senior Manager, Cloud Enablement Lead, Telecom
(Excerpt from the Forrester TEI Report for Digibee)

Faster Time to Market:  Shorter workcycles drive incremental revenue

With IT and developers firing on all cylinders, Digibee customers are able to advance their technology objectives quickly. These faster cycles of innovation allow the company to bring new products and services to market in record time, driving incremental revenue to the business and increasing time to market. These are tangible bottom line results that our customers clearly appreciate.

In Conclusion

Digibee helps organizations enable complex integrations across critical systems quickly and securely. Since every customer is unique in their requirements and existing infrastructure, establishing universal “value to market” benchmarks is challenging. The Forrester TEI report applies structure to the outcomes we deliver, allowing us to consistently examine efficiencies and assign meaningful values across every customer implementation.


The Forrester TEI Report explores what motivates organizations to implement the Digibee iPaaS, as well as the benefits they realize once the technology is in place.

For the full analysis, including ROI, NPV, payback periods, and other proof points, claim your free copy of the Forrester TEI Report for Digibee today.

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Your data, fully integrated, in under three weeks. Experience firsthand the power of Digibee, enabling complex integrations across critical systems quickly and securely. Sign up for a proof of concept using data you provide. Or we can take you through our interactive demo.

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