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Burn the Backlog: Why You Don't Need to Rip and Replace with Digibee

Integration is top of mind for many organizations in 2023. Ensuring systems, data, and processes are connected and communicating is vital for businesses that want to remain competitive in a digital-first world. And if you’ve already adopted an integration solution, your work is done and life is good, right?


Only 7% of enterprises have successfully implemented an integration solution. (A further 6% have adopted but plan to replace their solution within a year, and 51% have plans to implement one in the same time frame.) Still, the vast majority – 93% – agree that it’s a priority.tired-overworked-developer-backlog-sitting-in-front-of-computer

But let’s assume your company is ahead of the game. You’ve adopted a traditional iPaaS like MuleSoft. You’ve invested heavily in the solution – and getting your developers certified to use it – and now your IT team is building and deploying all the integrations your business needs. Why would you even look at another iPaaS?

Your Integration Backlog is Growing

MuleSoft, as powerful as it may be, can’t address all your integration woes. Its customers report being dissatisfied with the complex pricing scheme, lack of onboarding and support, and how challenging it can be to use. And those three factors combined mean it’s unlikely your developers can keep pace with the demand for integrations.

As different integration requests pour in, your IT staff is forced to prioritize. Business-critical integrations that will significantly affect day-to-day operations or customer experience take precedence over streamlining marketing processes, for example. Organization-wide systems trump specific department needs, and processes that keep the lights on win out over implementations focused on convenience or efficiency. Given how much you’ve spent on your MuleSoft deployment, this all makes sense.

Except that the acceleration of technological evolution is working against you. As legacy systems become increasingly risky and challenging to maintain, new high-priority integration needs will emerge and less vital projects will get pushed back, and back, and back again.

And as your MuleSoft-certified developers continue to chip away at the list of business-critical integrations, the rest of your IT team is left to focus on building, maintaining, and rebuilding point-to-point integrations manually – an inefficient use of their time at best, a Herculean task at worst. On top of that, departments with very low-priority integrations may resort to their own solutions, creating a patchwork of fixes that increase security risks.

Is a Second iPaaS Really the Answer?

The combination of an ever-increasing integration backlog, compounding inefficiencies, and the spread of shadow IT solutions paints a grim picture. But surely it makes more sense to increase your incremental spend with MuleSoft than to bring in an entirely new vendor?

Wrong again.

Adding a solution like Digibee is easier and less expensive than investing more into your incumbent solution.

Here’s why Digibee is the smart choice for those facing an integration project backlog:


Low-code model empowers junior developers and citizen users – no need to pay for costly training or certification

 Flexible solutions

Tech- and vendor-agnostic solution supports integration of a wide variety of systems and data types, even alongside other solutions

  Straightforward pricing 

Straightforward pricing model ensures you won’t face hidden fees or additional costs for training or support

 Unique delivery

Unique delivery model (we build your first 50 pipelines) accelerates time to value and neutralizes onboarding delays

  Agile architecture

Architecture is built on top of existing solutions to minimize your risk of disruptions or downtime – there’s no need to rip and replace

Rip and Replace is Still an Option

Of course, if you want to ditch your existing integration solution in favor of Digibee’s eiPaaS, we won’t say no. We specialize in replacing legacy systems like Tibco, IBM, and Oracle, but our flexible iPaaS means we can support your integration strategy regardless of what solution you have in place. Our eiPaaS can handle integrations from the most basic and straightforward to the very complex.

When does a rip-and-replace approach make sense?

  • If your legacy solution contract is nearing expiring and you know it can no longer meet your needs
  • If you’re planning migrations or new technology initiatives that require a more agile, scalable solution

Let Digibee Empower Your Integration Team

While it may seem counterintuitive to consider deploying a second integration solution when you’ve already got MuleSoft, the problems and missed opportunities that come with using MuleSoft alone are apparent once you look.

Digibee’s low-code eiPaaS can be deployed quickly to burn your integration project backlog in a non-disruptive, cost-effective way. Let us show you how! Book your choice of a 15-minute Discovery Call, a 30-minute Custom Demo, or a 60-minute Deep Dive and see our solution in action.

Your data, fully integrated, in under three weeks. Experience firsthand the power of Digibee, enabling complex integrations across critical systems quickly and securely. Sign up for a proof of concept using data you provide. Or we can take you through our interactive demo.

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Your data, fully integrated, in under three weeks. Experience firsthand the power of Digibee, enabling complex integrations across critical systems quickly and securely. Sign up for a proof of concept using data you provide. Or we can take you through our interactive demo.

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